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Instead of spending time going through the never ending cycle of turnover, enjoy the luxury of retaining your top employees and having them at peak performance. Marvel HR provides the tools and knowledge to ensure you have the top procedures in place to maintain a winning workforce. 

Are you tired of going through the same old process of having to hire and train the employees for the same position? We understand going through the same training process over and over with a new employee every 5 months can become a hassle and eat up a lot of time. We work to make sure you retain employees so there is less time spent in training and more time spent performing.

Do you know how much it costs your organization every time you lose an employee? The minimum cost of turnover is approaching $15,000 per loss. One of our clients had a turnover expense as high as $150,000. By assisting them with smart retention strategies, this company has improved its profit margins by 5-6%.

Are you tired of going through the same old process of having to hire and train the employees for the same position?

We know you’ve already dealt with other employment agencies and staffing firms, but we want to reassure you that our approach is to listen and understand you and your company’s needs.

Our Business Development Managers are trained and experienced professionals that know your market and can help identify your need.

Every position is different with unique and very specific skill sets at times, so building a relationship and having a strong communication connection will help us deliver you the best professionals in the market. This is important to you, because your time is valuable and our job is to make the talent acquisition process as seamless as possible.

The hiring strategy in place identifies, recruits, and facilitates the process to deliver results and enable organizations to hire top talent.

By aggressively recruiting, we stay aware of the best professionals available in a given job market. We maintain relationships with thousands of registered local/regional/national professionals that are ready for their next career opportunity, as well as continue to network and recruit fresh talent. This enables us to provide you the premium talent you need to fuel your company’s growth.

Through our sourcing efforts we own one of the largest talent pools in the market, which includes a diverse collection of over 60,000+ candidates. With a solid candidate base, we spend more time listening and understanding your needs, in order to give you the results you expect.

We are a unique resource in the marketplace, rich in intellectual capital, recruiting experience and strategically positioned to help you respond to the full range of issues that today’s companies face in a dynamic marketplace. Through our staffing and recruiting services, we’ll help you find those individuals that can dramatically improve your company’s business performance.

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